Golden Chalkware Dancer

Golden Chalkware Dancer


MCM chalkware decor was often romantic and exotic with a focus on the idealized beauty of historic, natural, and abstract designs. Common motifs were dancers (often sold as a male and female pair), innocent or sensual figures, trees, flowers, animals, zig-zags, waves and modern abstract sculpture typical of the period. One of the most popular motifs were of romanticized, stereotyped Asian, African, Native American, Hawaiian people in exotic (at times inaccurate) settings or costume.

An attempt to thwart competitors from copying their highly successful male/female paired chalkware lamps and statuettes was taken all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court by Benjamin and Rena Stein of Reglor of California in 1953. They won a technical victory that did not ultimately stop copying.

This beautiful golden dancer don't need no man. Originally part of a pair This lovely lady is 16" tall and 7" across. Assuming gold was the original colour she is in great shape, her one leg has some residue on it from a previous sticker it looks like(pic 7). Also a chip on the frill of her tutu(pic 6).

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