The pandemic has put a strain on small businesses for over 60 days but soon we will be allowed to re-open.  You can expect some changes at The Handwork Department, but we are still your local oddities shop and will continue to bring you the handcrafted and vintage oddities you've come to expect. We will need to make some changes to keep everyone safe but are glad to do it if that means we can get back to the business of having fun.

When we open, the paper cranes you've been seeing in the shop window will come down but due to popular demand we are offering them for sale! 

Pay what you like starting at a dollar, and we will add a tag with your name on it to one crane in the window. When the the time comes that you can have your first visit back to the shop, you can pick it up and take it home. 

We'll be putting the extra funds will toward making changes for everyone's safety. It'll help us buy tubs of hand sanitizer to place around the shop, commercial grade disinfectants for the surfaces in the shop, and installing a plexiglass barrier at the sales counter. Every dollar helps!

We are excited to be able to re-open but realize how important it is to do it right to keep everyone safe. Hope to see you soon!

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